Relationships 101 uses theater exercises, creative writing, music, and dance to explore healthy relationships, establish communication skills, and nurture personal growth.


Relationships 101 can be facilitated at school, probation, and community sites, as well as in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. To date, we've facilitated the program at Fairfax High School, San Pedro High School, and LA County Probation at Camps Scudder, Scott, Gonzales, and Miller.

Currently the Performing Arts Program is using our "Relationships 101" curriculum to serve young girls in juvenile detention at LA County's Camp Kenyon Scudder in a 10-week course that culminates with a final presentation, written and performed by the participants.

With each group of participants, we continue to see theater become a rehearsal for life, a stage for these youths to experiment, explore, and find ways to live as the best versions of themselves.