the little girl who lives in me

by Kemoyia, Age 13, Camp Scudder

The little girl who lives in me wishes she can come out and play.
The little girl who lives inside tells me,
She wishes everyone would only see her in the eyes.
She told me,
All she wants, is to go run to her mommy cry in her arms,
and act as if the past two years were just a nightmare.
All she wants back is her innocence,
And to be the girl her mom used to love.
The little girl who lives inside cries to me every night
Dreaming about whey she disappointed her mom so bad,
She has no good reason for it all.
She tells me she is sorry, and that she is going to change her future.
People think she like who she is today.
Deep inside she wishes she was the girl her mom gave birth to and raised right!
No matter what her mom says or does,
she thinks she will always be a failure to her family.
The little girl who lives inside wants to know answers that I don't have.
Like why she do this,
Or why does she have these thoughts about her past stuck in her head?
She can't go one day without thinking about it.
Or thinking about the looks on his face - 
The words that came out of his mouth
The feelings he opened up in her, and the lies he shared with her.
As she sits ashamed, with tears down her face - 
The little girl would feel better if she could come out
Because she has a lot to say!