beautiful to me

by Anonymous, Camp Scudder

Being beautiful to me is something more than what you can physically see.
It's about doing you and being who you wanna be.
Beauty has nothing to do with your shape or size
or whether you are big or small because in God's eyes we are all a prize.
So why feel less beautiful somebody tells you these lies,
that you are not good enough and are a waste of time?
It has nothing to do with the clothes or shoes we put on.
It's our attitude, our personality, and the qualities we bring along.
Because a real man could care less about appearance.
He wants his woman to be confident and strong.
Beauty come from within.
No matter where you come from or the color of your skin,
it's what's inside.
Not something that guys look at when you walk by.
It's how you carry yourself and the morals you abide by.

But see some girls got it all wrong
thinking it's cute wearing tight jeans a little shirt, 
showing off their thongs,
cause that's what girls think makes you got it going on,
and make a guy fall in love but not for very long.
Because when you portray yourself that way,
you'll get played out like an old song.
Being beautiful is much more than that.
It's not all about the clothes and material things you get by selling your cat.
I think it's a shame,
because some females think of life as a game.
So who do you blame
because someone had to put in their heads that it's okay to live in the fast lane.
It's just some things I don't understand,
why young girls like me are out here tryna impress a grown man.
You can be beautiful in so many ways,
without having such a degrading price to pay.
Being you is what makes you pretty, not acting stuck up like you too good.
Being salty through it all I found out what beautiful really means.
It's about loving yourself, having confidence, and a high self-esteem.