“Flowers Aren't Enough” is a monologue that tells the story of Michal, a young woman from an upper-middle-class family who finds herself in an abusive relationship. Michal describes how her partner gradually narrows her world isolating her from her surroundings. We see her denial; her guilt and how social conditionings intensify her shame and despair. We witness Michal sinking into darkness and then watch how she takes charge of her life, and rediscovers herself. The monologue is woven from true stories and actual incidents graciously shared by women willing to talk about their all too common experiences.


The show has been performed over 1000 times in worldwide. The audiences have been diverse, and multi national. Professionals who deal with domestic abuse and violence , health care workers women’s groups, police officers, government officials, Jewish, Muslim, Christian Hindu and other organizations, community centers , Theatre festivals, High schools ,United Nations development projects and Jails have all benefited from this powerful performance!

Duration of the play is 55 minutes.

* “Flowers Aren’t Enough” is a powerful complement to a seminar or conference, can be used as a fundraiser, and provides a foundation for discussion with teens and young adults. Workshops, designed and facilitated by Naomi, can follow any and all performances.