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using the creative arts for transformation


Advot means ripples in the Hebrew language. Change, like the ripples, starts small but lead to overwhelmingly positive transformations. 

Through a variety of unique interactive programs, participants become better communicators, learn how to discover and then declare their own self-worth. As well as develop the capacity to exhibit greater kindness and compassion; first for themselves and then with others. We believe individuals have a right to live free of fear, enjoy healthy relationships, and be respected for who they are. 

Together we can, and will make the world a better place. We invite you to join us.

There is a tremendous need for what [Advot] is doing. You prove to the young adults in your program that words do have meaning and can make an enormous difference in how we view ourselves and how others view us. You are changing the world one person at a time, definitely a ripple effect.
— Barbara Yaroslavskly, Vice President of the LA Commission on Community & Family Services
In [this program] I have learned that first and foremost love shouldn’t hurt. I learned to love and respect myself because I can’t love no one if I don’t love myself.
— Ashley, Graduate of the Program at Camp Kenyon Scudder Probation Camp
The program never fails to empower our students as they mature into young adults and eventually tomorrow’s leaders, with newfound respect and understanding of the evils of domestic violence.
— Principal Jeanette Stevens, San Pedro High School
[This program] was a catalyst for positive change here at Camp Gonzales. The residents learned for the first time that safe and proper conduct is necessary in order to achieve healthy romantic relationships. We encourage potential funders to consider the cost-effective merits of the Advot Project, knowing that its workshops will help our teens learn an important set of ethics and rules to live by.
— Larry Vangor, Director of L.A. County Probation Department

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